The Etruscan Necropolis of Sovana

Archaeological Area of Sovana

One of the most important monuments of civilization of the Etruscan, in the Etruscan Necropolis of Sovana, is the Tomba Ildebranda.

Ildebranda Tomb

The Ildebranda Tomb, 3rd-2nd century BC, was discovered in 1924
The tomb, shaped a temple, is dug in the tufa and decorated with floral and zoo-morphic motifs.
Ildebranda Tomb Sovana

Tomb of the Siren

Another famous tomb is the Tomba della Sirena ("Tomb of the Siren"), so called because is decorated with sculptures in high relief depicting a mermaid with two people.

Tomb of the Sirena Sovana Tomb of the Siren Sovana Tomb of the Siren Sovana

Pola Tomb

Pola Tomb Sovana The Pola Tomb is located 300 metres from the Ildebranda tomb.
Once was a temple, but today is a single rock-carved column.

Vie Cave of Sovana

Around Sovana, the Vie Cave wind around and towards the archaeological area of that town, then reconnecting with those from Sorano and Pitigliano.
Originally were to be used as roads to reach areas of burial, but became the roads of communication.
One of the largest etruscan roads in the area, is "Il Cavone".
Vie cave Sovana